Monday, May 9, 2011

aegean air credit card bonus miles offer

The Aegean Bonus Visa card is a credit card that Aegean Airlines has created in collaboration with Alpha Bank and the Bonus Reward Programme, and is linked with the Miles&Bonus Programme.

Aegean air credit card offers exclusively to all Gold Miles&Bonus members:

Double Award Welcome Miles (10.000 bonus miles the card especially for Gold members)*
2 free seat upgrades to Business Class (valid for Aegean flights within 2011)
The offer concerns Aegean Bonus Visa issuances until 28.02.2011, inclusive.

Please visit: and fill in the online application form. Don’t forget to enter your personal Miles&Bonus Member ID, to get the exclusive privileges for Gold members**.

Moreover, Aegean Bonus Visa through the Bonus Reward Program offers you:

4 Bonus points for every 1€ of your shopping at the Premium Plus Bonus Partners (the same ratio is valid for a balance transfer from credit cards not issued by Alpha Bank)
2 Bonus points for every 1€ of your shopping at the Bonus Scheme’s Premium Partners
1 Bonus point for every 1€ of your shopping at any other merchant in Greece and abroad.
Automatically convert your Bonus points into miles in the Miles&Bonus Program at the end of each month
Faster mileage accumulation and more frequent redemption on airline tickets for all Aegean & Star Alliance carriers’ routes
Take advantage of this offer and multiply your miles with every purchase!
Aegean Bonus Visa. Bring your dream destination closer!
Learn more about Alpha Bank’s Bonus Reward Scheme
Learn more about the Aegean Bonus Visa
* The extra 5.000 miles count only as redeemable (Award) miles.
** Please note that the Aegean Bonus Visa is available for Greek citizens only (since a Greek Taxpayer’s code, alias “AFM” is mandatory by Alpha Bank
Aegean Bonus Visa cardholders may convert their Bonus points into miles at a ratio of 1/1 (1 Bonus point = 1 Miles&Bonus Mile).
The miles collected by converting points from the Aegean Bonus Visa card are Award Miles, as defined in chapter 3 “MILES/CATEGORIES ETC.", and never expire.
Member Cards and their Passwords will not be cancelled as long as the Member remains an Aegean Bonus Visa cardholder.

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